What is Online Personal Training and how can the HLB4me method help you lose weight once and for all?

Online personal training is the sh!t. Ok, I may be a little biased, but it’s pretty legit… Online personal training is a modern approach to hiring a personal trainer in a gym when you have health-centric and weight loss goals.

With online training, you get ALL your resistance workouts, ALL your cardio guidelines, and ALL your nutritional guidance customized by yours truly and sent straight to your inbox. You’ll know how many days a week to workout, WHAT to do when you’re working out, how to eat foods you LOVE while still making progress, and unlimited communication every step of the way.

You no longer have to make appointments with your trainer at the gym during the only available time slot, adjust your schedule to make it to that workout class after work and before you pick up the kids, or have to ask ALL of your questions from the last week while you have your 1 hour, in-person session.

You get to workout when YOU choose, on YOUR time, eating food YOU enjoy…

Sounds cool, but not convinced yet?  Keep reading to learn how to GET RESULTS using my evidence-based, 3 step process for losing weight, the HLB4me method!!

The HLB4me method is a 3 phase guided program to get your butt into your favorite jeans, learning that being healthy doesn’t have to suck the big one, and realizing you are NOT the only person in the world who can’t lose weight, you just need some help.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

The 3 Phases of the HLB4me Method

The HLB4me method’s 3 Phases are as follows:
Phase 1 is your PRE-diet Phase
Phase 2 is your Diet Phase
Phase 3 is your POST-diet Phase
You cannot have a successful Phase 2 without a solid Phase 1, and you can’t expect to keep your results from Phase 2 without finishing Phase 3. See…. There IS a method to the madness…
Let’s use an analogy to better understand the HLB4me method. Think of losing weight and getting your dream body like purchasing your dream car.

Phase 1 is about saving up the money, Phase 2 is driving that car off the lot, windows down, sun shining, and Phase 3 is making sure that new toy is properly insured.

If you try and get your dream car before saving up the money (budget), you won’t make it off the lot. Once you save up the money and buy the car, when you hit your first pothole (aka life happens), you’ll want an insurance policy in place.

Same concept with dieting…

If you try to get your dream body without a healthy metabolism (proper budget of calories,) you won’t make it anywhere.  Once we DO get that dream body, if we don’t prepare for real-life by completing the final phase of the HLB4me method (think of this as an insurance policy), you’ll lose that body and re-gain the weight faster than you can say oops.

The HLB4me method is here to MAKE SURE you GET that body and KEEP IT!

 Method, Phase 1

In the HLB4me method, Phase 1 (PRE-diet Phase) is focused on prepping your body by getting your metabolism used to LOTS of food, think large bank account, to fund your weight loss journey.  How long you spend in Phase 1 depends primarily on your dieting history and will vary from person to person.

HLB4me Method, Phase 2

Phase 2 of the HLB4me method (Diet Phase) is where we drop calories for fat loss, or “spend the funds in the budget,” rev up your training, and SO HELP ME LORD, GET THAT DREAM BODY ONCE AND FOR ALL!

You did it!

You GOT the body, the jeans fit, and you feel aaamazing… we’re NOT done…

HLB4me Method, Phase 3

Lastly, we enter Phase 3 of the HLB4me method (POST-diet Phase.) At the end of your diet, your body is at the greatest risk to put all that weight back on, not joking. In Phase 3, we transition you out of “diet mode” and back into real life to ensure we get your metabolism and mindset to a place where you are able to keep all the weight off you JUST worked so damn hard to lose…

We all know that one coworker who has lost and gained the same 20 pounds more times than you can count… you are NOT going to be her or in the 95% of dieters that re-gain the weight lost within 3 years of losing it due to the lack of a post-diet phase.

I am here to help you lose that weight FOR GOOD.

And live happily ever after…

Let’s show you how it works by taking a look at THIS client’s journey through all 3 HLB4me phases. 

Client with HLB Lifestyle Changes

This teacher came to me already comfortable in the gym and with the nutrition strategy of counting macros, but she was always questioning herself. Wondering if she was doing enough in the gym, too much, eating enough, eating too much, or too little. She was never able to feel like she looked like the effort she was putting in… so we changed that. At her start, she was under-eating (~1400 calories/day) and overtraining (like many women), so in Phase 1 of the HLB4me method, we strategically increased her calories to ~2100/day and took away all cardio… and lost an inch off her waist in the process. After spending a good bit of time at this new caloric intake and fostering a place of health and abundance, she was excited to dive into a fat loss phase to unveil all the muscle she had been working on! Enter Phase 2 of the HLB4me method where we cut calories, added some cardio (still eating more food and doing less cardio than she did prior to joining Team HLB), and shed 7 pounds and another inch and a half off her waist over a summer that had plenty of weekends on the lake and fun events with friends. When we got her to where she wanted, physique-wise, it was time to transition into Phase 3 of the HLB4me method, the post-diet phase. We slowly backed off cardio and increased calories bringing her back to just shy of 2000 calories per day while KEEPING THE WEIGHT SHE LOST OFF and the body she wanted!

I help badass women like YOU, lose weight and transform your body into one you can’t wait to show off in your favorite jeans, or that tank top that’s never fit quite right. Let’s get you feeling sexy with straight forward weight loss coaching, all WITHOUT you having to give up food, drinks, and life as you know it…

Yours in fitness & health,
Coach Hannah
Dr. Hannah Brandt, PT, DPT, CPT, IFNCP