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Losing weight, and I mean REALLY losing weight can seem like an elusive goal or a fantasy for many… not for these women anymore! Keep reading to see what these former clients have to say about working with Coach Hannah to lose weight, FOR REAL.

This Wealth Management Guru lost 30 lbs and OVER 8 inches off her waist!

HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation
HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation
HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation

This client put me into an interesting position right out of the gates.  Most clients come to me wanting my help, but with her opening line of telling me she wasn’t necessarily unhappy, but “I feel like I am not living up to my full potential and [I] want to change that,” the roles flipped and I wanted her as a client more than ever.  We made a great team teaching her how to enjoy a bumping social life as a New Yorker while also making sure she felt her BEST on her WEDDING DAY, telling me, “This is the first summer I put on shorts and didn’t have that horrible feeling of tightness around the butt and thighs, heck they’re falling off me :)” AND “For the first time in my life I am not worried about clothes and it’s for my wedding week!! Everything I wear looks great so that stress has completely gone away!”

This Doctor of Physical Therapy and mom of 2 hasn’t felt this good in a LONG TIME!

This client had never struggled with her weight. She had always been active and considered herself athletic… until recent years when she noticed her clothes weren’t fitting how they used to, and the things she “knew” to do weren’t helping…

Fast forward to after 10 months as a 1:1 client with HLB lifestyle and she is feeling better than she has in years, let her tell you about it in this short video!

Customer Testimonial for HLB Lifestyle

This former professional musician turned hospitality connoisseur lost 30 lbs and a total of 23 inches in only 5 months!

HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation
HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation

THIS client never ate below 2000 calories and actually increased calories along her journey! She came to HLB wanting to be comfortable in the gym, understanding weights and what she was doing. By the time she was done with her program, she was a master in the gym & showed up with a whole new confidence! The confidence and discipline she created in the gym also transferred over to her personal & professional life. Taking on different tasks & challenges in her workplace & absolutely crushing them! A few personal wins she shared were:

Major vanity milestone this afternoon that I wanted to share with you! The jeans I bought early on in this journey that have never been able to go over my hips slid over them today and buttoned!!! Wow! That was the confidence boost I needed ” followed up by “Clothes are fitting better, my “regular” work jeans are pretty much too big now and my belt needs to go down a size (last hole baby!).  I can see my body changing, but now others are noticing which is kinda cool.”

This Career Driven, Hardworking New Yorker could NOT lose weight after an injury… Until she hired me that is!

This client came to Team HLB following an injury that left her heavier than she had ever been… and frustratingly, adding in some cardio and cutting back on calories was NOT working as anticipated!  She quickly realized what she knew to do in order to get the weight off was NOT working, and she needed an expert to get her back to her old self… so we did just that, let her tell you all about it!

Customer Testimonial for HLB Lifestyle
HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation

This CFO, wifey, mama, and gardener lost 14 lbs EATING MORE FOOD…

Hiring a coach, and justifying paying someone to help you lose weight when you feel like you should be able to do it all by yourself is scary… let Emily walk you through what led her to join Team HLB:

“A lot of people might be turned away by the cost of hiring a coach. I’ll admit I was a little nervous to invest that kind of money into myself. However, after 2 years of watching my weight go up without any success in getting it under control, I realized I had two options. The first option was to buy a new wardrobe and keep trying to lose weight on my own. However, I knew this option was not going to resolve my long-term issues, and it would probably cost me even more money in the long run between new clothes, exercise equipment I wouldn’t use more than twice, and magic solutions that promise a better body but fail to deliver.  My other option was to make the investment, sign up for HLB, cut through all the misinformation our diet culture feeds us, and figure out how to lose the weight and keep it off. I chose the second option and signed up with HLB, lost 14 pounds and several inches, learned how to properly fuel my body, and got back down to my old size. In addition, the cost made me even MORE invested in meeting my goals and making sure I got everything I could out of it. I had 24/7 access to my coaches, and I asked them every question under the sun to educate myself and make sure I understood and was able to do it on my own. Looking back, the money was well worth it.

Click the video link below to hear Emily’s story.

HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation

This Former Ultra Marathoner and current Mountain Biking Mama lost inches EATING MORE!

HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation
HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation
HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation

We took this client from working out 6 days per week to 4, increased her calories week after week, and well… saw inches fall off… let her tell you about it:

Working with [Team HLB Assistant Coach] is exactly what I didn’t know I needed! I I started my journey with [HLB] trying to find a way to control my weight with running no longer my main weight management tool due to an injury.  I had no idea how much I was under-eating.  While doing less cardio in the past 3 months than I have ever done before, weightlifting 45 minutes 4x/week, and slowly adding 400-5oo calories to my daily intake, I am more toned and my weight has slightly decreased. After 3 months with [HLB] I not only feel better, I feel totally empowered to take the reins of my fitness goals.  It’s hard to walk away from [HLB’s] fantastic encouragement and patience, but her support in the last 3 months has given me enough knowledge to be confident I have what I need to be successful alone. I never did get to the point in which I was losing weight rapidly, and I couldn’t be more grateful.  I have learned to fuel myself properly, what a gift!

This PharmD and Dog Mom lost Inches and Weight… and so much more!

This client failed for six years…⁠ SIX YEARS of unsuccessfully chasing the body she wanted BY HERSELF until she realized her “do it alone” approach wasn’t getting her anywhere… ⁠

THIS doctor of pharmacy, fierce, dog mom, and all-around badass of a human is as smart and sharp as they come, so you can imagine how much fun it was for me as her coach to watch her head explode as the pounds started coming off without aggressive dieting…⁠ AND WITHOUT CARDIO… Oh… and we got her off prescription thyroid medication… let her tell you about her experience as a 1:1 client in this short video!!⁠

Customer Testimonial for HLB Lifestyle

This business owner, wifey, and mama got FAST RESULTS!

HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation
HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation

This client’s journey all began with her husband finding a recipe post of mine on Instagram, and the rest is history.  In the first 6 weeks, Kristen lost 6 lbs and 2.75 inches off her waist by eating 2100 calories per day… just goes to show that sometimes NOT killing yourself and giving your body a bit more fuel does the body good, even she thinks so:

“Simple yet effective. It was life-changing, and the weight came off (the pounds and the weight of other opinions of what they deemed appropriate) and I thrived and continued to thrive. To this day I am confident and Hannah guided me into living my best, healthy, fit life. I honestly feel like I would be doing a disservice to everyone if I did not shout it from the rooftop! She showed me that prioritizing my health not only benefited me, but my family, and it didn’t have to be complex! Thank you for teaching me how to live a practical, healthy lifestyle!”

Click the video link below to hear Kristen’s story.

HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation

Working together, THIS girl dropped 22 lbs in 24 weeks!

“I’m feeling great! I needed to go out and buy a new bra to fit better which felt great. Also I’m in a new pair of pants that I had sitting aside because I didn’t feel comfortable in them, but now they go on easy and they look good.”… and that message was sent just after 12 weeks together! – KC

“Hannah took the time to hear my story before we started working together, and more importantly, took the time to understand what I wanted at the END of all of this. I had certain physique goals for my wedding, but after going through competition prep I didn’t want to obsess over tracking forever or have to worry about perfection … “

“I was so happy with my body on my wedding day (such a weird thing to be able to say!)… “

“Hannah never forgot what my ultimate goal was, she transitioned me away from tracking and counting everything and I feel great!  I can’t thank her enough!”  – AT

Click the video link below to hear Cate’s story.

HLB Lifestyle Testimonial

“I get a lot of questions at work about what I’ve done over the last few weeks for weight loss. I am such a fan that I tell everyone!! I hope you don’t mind. It took me so long to decide to do this and I am truly happy that I did. Honestly, it’s not just for weight loss but really looking at habits and lifestyle.”- JS

This Craft Beer loving Charge Nurse dropped almost 20 lbs… Doing LESS Cardio than Ever Before!

HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial
HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial
HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial

This client came to Team HLB like so many, trying to put in as much time on the Peloton week after week while eating low calories since that’s what we see all day on social media… So we pivoted, fed her more initially, dropped back cardio, trained with intention… and watched her body FINALLY start to respond, all while leaving room for her love of craft beer, traveling, and weekends NOT being “perfect” on plan.

This client has now stepped up as a leader within the Team HLB community and recently welcomed a new client in with this message: “Working with Hannah is literally one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The weight loss is great, as is the physique transformation, but the change in my mindset is absolutely priceless. I have lost the whole feeling guilty when I eat something emotional.”

“I tried on a very fitted dress that I may wear for a September wedding and I looked GOOD. like the good kinda curves. I can’t even believe I’m thinking about wearing something so fitted after actual years of looking for roomy dresses to hide my body. things are HAPPENING!” – JG

Coach Hannah helped her drop 27 lbs in 28 weeks!

“In October, I started her [Coach Hannah] online fitness coaching program because I wanted to lose weight, but the experience wasn’t AT ALL what I expected. I was never hungry – I listened to my body and hunger cues. I enjoyed the foods I love, chocolate, pizza, ice cream… and still saw progress! Not only have I lose weight with her guidance, but more importantly, my energy has increased, my clothes fit me better, and I feel STRONG. Having a program that outlined goals in the gym and in the kitchen made all the difference. Hannah took all the stress out of my mind. I knew I could trust the process because she has been here before and walked this walk. I loved the progress was always more important than perfection.” – JB

Click the video link below to hear Kate’s story.

HLB Lifestyle Customer Testimonial

“My size 10 jeans are becoming loose. Before I started with you they were TIGHT. When I’m down to 140 I’m going to try on size 8 jeans. If they fit I’m going to change my size 10’s for size 8’s.” – CZ

Dr. of Physical Therapy and Newlywed drops 20 lbs and felt better than ever before!

HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial
HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial
HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial

THIS client came to Team HLB an experienced lifter and lover of fitness, but never felt like she “looked” like she worked out as much as she did. She wanted to “Gain nutritional knowledge to implement going forward. Better understand my body’s needs and what that lifestyle looks like to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Lose weight yes but maintain that. If I do have kids I want to know that I was healthy going into that and have the knowledge and tools to help myself at that stage of life as well. I feel like if I don’t do this now I would put it off forever and I want to do this now before it gets harder.” ⁠

We dropped just over 20 lbs while navigating bachelorette parties, bridal showers, WORKING FULL-TIME INPATIENT CARE, date nights, girls’ nights, getting hitched, honeymoon, and the holidays…⁠This isn’t a “how to get shredded fast” client spotlight, THIS is WHY YOUR PROGRAM NEEDS TO BE CUSTOM MADE FOR YOU example…⁠

Click the video link below to hear Sam’s story.

HLB Lifestyle Client Transformation Video

“You’re such a great teacher and I’ve learned so much from you over the weeks we’ve worked together! I’m so glad I found you and that you’ve opened me to a whole new way of life! Not only have you helped me lose weight but I also notice that I no longer have the major guilt associated with food that I once did. I’m able to enjoy the important moments in life without thinking about what the cookie or donut is going to do to my goals. Really, I cannot thank you enough!” – JJ

Click the video link below to hear Megan’s story.

HLB Lifestyle Customer Testimonial

“So side note….the thought of letting you go right now gave me a little anxiety. I don’t think I could ever put into words what you have done for me and how much I appreciate you. It’s not even a physique thing, it’s just a true love and utmost appreciation for your friendship. You are incredibly gifted. Not in just what you do but your ability to reach people on their most vulnerable levels. That my friend is truly a divine gift! I feel incredibly blessed to have found you. I am eternally grateful for you and I am excited to continue this journey with you! ” – GR

HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial

PICU Nurse & Mama Drops 5 Inches off her Waist!

This client came to Team HLB with very specific goals. She told me “I want to lose fat!!! And inches! And feel healthy and do not cringe when I see photos of myself holding my kids and think OMG wtf happened to my body!!!! ⁠ I know I have made some poor food choices but I feel so lost on how to get back on track. ⁠I also want this to be a lifestyle. I don’t want to be another 10-20 pounds heavier 5-10 years from now. ⁠My mother-in-law told me you gain 5 pounds with each child and it never goes away and I DON’T want that to be me! ⁠I also want a better libido. My husband thinks I’m nuts but I don’t feel sexy. Instead, I feel flabby and it’s not attractive to me.”⁠

So with intentional training, dialing in her nutrition, and a few other HLB lifestyle hacks, we were able to DROP 5 inches off her waist even though the scale only showed a 3-pound difference between the two pictures. A PERFECT example of body recomposition and that the scale doesn’t tell the whole story!

“This is the longest I have ever stuck with any diet, exercise life plan. It’s exciting, and I like it!” – TM

THIS teacher dropped OVER 18 pounds in 18 weeks!

Client with HLB Lifestyle
Client with HLB Lifestyle
Client with HLB Lifestyle

This client decided to apply for and join Team HLB after realizing “everything she was trying on her own wasn’t working, so she might as well hire a professional.”  This client came to me admitting she was tired of feeling insecure going out in public since she didn’t like how any of her clothes fit.  She also was honest about not being all that into fitness nor into fancy complicated things.  So we kept it simple, straightforward, and the results speak for themselves!!

This client told me “her clothes are fitting Better!!! I noticed a pair of pants I was wearing for work the other day kept needing to be pulled up a bit. I also wore a dress on Sunday that was way too tight last summer.” – RM

Consultant Pharmacist, Dog Mom, & Marvel Movie Lover Drops Over 10 lbs!

HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial
HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial
HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial

This client came in wanting to “BE HAPPY WITH MYSELF – love myself more, stop being uncomfortable with my body image – be proud of the body that I have made, worked my ass off for.” She was also aware that… “My mom was the very best but looking back she was never comfortable with her body and had poor body image. I never realized that this affected me until I caught myself saying the same things she did. I want to show my [future] kids the importance of self-care, and that being strong and staying healthy is a lifestyle and can be enjoyable.”

We dieted this client for a bit with her only cardio being walking her dogs, we got some lab work, pivoted, and are continually making physique and training changes in conjunction with a hormone and gut recovery protocol for optimal health. Recently, this client told me, “I started reflecting at my old check-in pictures and mindset this weekend just to remind myself how far I’ve come and all I can say is wow! For every physical change, there are just as many mental and emotional changes. So Freaking Cool.”

“I noticed this morning when I was running on the treadmill that my favorite shorts are now loose on me!  I’ve thought a few other pairs were, but I don’t wear them as often so I wasn’t sure.  But when I felt these sliding down, that is a major nsv because IMO workout clothes are harder to notice changes in because they’re either skintight or loose, not just fitted.”  – GM

Click the video link below to hear Rose’s story.

HLB Lifestyle Customer Testimonial

This client realized that “That doing things that are important to my health and wellness (eating a balanced diet, working out, hydrating, etc) makes me a more balanced person in my everyday life. I’m feeling like I’m a better mother, partner, teacher, etc because I’m meeting my needs and feeling good.” – KL

Psychotherapist and soon-to-be Author drops OVER 30 lbs!!

HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial
HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial
HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial

This business owner, psychotherapist, wifey, dog mom, sister, and soon to be author came to Team HLB just north of the 200 lb mark, and by embracing progress over perfection, consistency, and patience, we are now sitting comfortably in the 160s with her feeling better in her skin than ever before!  This client learned that she CAN take a vacation and not “lose all her progress,” not have to kill herself with high amounts of cardio, and that she can exercise what she learned about food in a flexible way so she gets to KEEP OFF all the weight she lost!! 

“That I’m grateful for you and we’re flirting with 30 LBS of weight loss!!! So sure it’ll happen not long after I get back from my week off!” – JF

“This Assistant Principe, Wife, and Mom set out to get abs, and she got SO much more”

Lisa with HLB Lifestyle
Lisa with HLB Lifestyle

Lisa was on a mission to not just lose weight on yet another diet trend, she was determined to LEARN HOW to lose weight and KEEP IT OFF. She wanted to feel good about her body in clothes AND a swimsuit, and KEEP IT THAT WAY… she lost pounds, lost inches, and gained, well, click that video below to her it from her.

Click the video link below to hear Lisa’s story.

HLB Lifestyle Customer Testimonial

“You have built one badass program and community Hannah. What a blessing it was to come across you on Instagram and get to be part of this program. You have been a Godsend to me! I absolutely love the community you have built with these incredible ladies. Because of you and them, I have gotten results… FINALLY!!!! I just needed to share that with you!” – LP

HLB Lifestyle Client Testimonial

This Breastfeeding mama and Dr of Physical Therapy NEVER dieted

This client came to Team HLB as a new mom, breastfeeding, and focused on getting her body into a healthy place before continuing to grow her family… so by feeding her MORE, allowing flexible nutrition guidelines, customizing a manageable home workout program, and no cardio, we were able to drop inches and pounds.  Nothing fancy, flashy, or “trending.”  Just needing this beautiful woman where she was in life and by supporting her body during this current season, it responded week after week without ever having to formally “diet.”

“Just thinking about how much my body has changed and how I put it off for so long. Wish I would have done it sooner but glad I have this now as a point of reference. Overall, I just feel better…more energy, better moods, more self-confidence. Obviously, the benefits have been well worth it!” – EH

“I came to Hannah when I was at a point that I knew that I couldn’t motivate myself any longer. I didn’t feel like myself and when I looked in the mirror I didn’t recognize who I saw! I was ready for change but not sure where to start. Macro tracking and getting used to regular training were not easy, but Hannah’s warmth and supportive nature helped keep me motivated and encouraged. I particularly love how encouraging Hannah is of helping me feel like myself, not trying to have me hit a certain number on the scale. She looks at health and body holistically and is such a safe person to enter into a weight loss journey with. I am 30lbs down and feeling healthier than I’ve ever felt and I owe it to Hannah’s guidance!” – Dr. J.G.

Over 20 lbs gone and a shrinking waistline!

This girl needed an entirely new wardrobe after dropping over 20 lbs and losing almost 6 inches from her waist alone.  “I’ve noticed my fall clothes are way too big, I definitely need to go shopping.”  Followed by “I went shopping for the first time in months!!! I bought a cute shirt that I would have never even looked at 6 months ago, and I started looking in the small sections, which I’ve never done!!”  And most of this was accomplished with home workouts while under quarantine during the 2020 Covid19 pandemic.  There will always be a reason to NOT start, but once you do, you will accomplish things you never believed possible, just like this client! – OA

“I am eating everything I want and don’t feel like I am on a diet or anything.  All the stressors in my personal life I think have been balanced with my good diet and exercise… so I think those things are helping and working for me.  Also, a pair of shorts I ordered a few weeks ago that were snug are actually wearable now 🙂 They are cute cut off jean shorts, so I’m stoked about that!” – CC

“I’ve realized week to week how much I’ve stopped comparing myself to others. I used to look at other women in the gym or out in public and go “they’re more fit than me, I wish I looked like them, I wish I had their confidence, I wish I could be like them.” I don’t find myself doing that anymore. I’m giving myself affirmations and hyping myself up instead.”   – AM

Click the video link below to hear Olivia’s story.

HLB Lifestyle Testimonial

“Things are awesome. I feel sexy/hot for the first time in a long time!! Went shopping this weekend and am now a solid size 6 on the bottom. I was a tight 8 and 10 at the height of my weight gain. My waist is shrinking and my fiancé noticed too. I love this plan and am super motivated!!” – SF

“Truly things are fitting great. Ordered new clothes and can’t wait to wear them!” – SD

Lost OVER 15 lbs in 20 weeks!!!

“Before I began my coaching experience with Hannah, I was lost when it came to finding balance in my diet and exercise routine, had low energy/motivation, and was afraid of “bad” foods. I was stuck in a cycle of “eating healthy” and exercising (mostly cardio) for a few days but then splurging all weekend and feeling like crap. The number on the scale was getting higher and my clothes were not fitting anymore …. In my 20 weeks of Hannah being my coach, I lost over 15 pounds, lost 6 inches in my waist, have so much more energy, feel more comfortable in the gym, can wear my size 6 jeans again instead of wearing leggings every day, and can say “no” in a social setting but also can splurge on a treat if I want to and NOT feel guilty about it! Since continuing this lifestyle independently, I have not only kept off the weight I lost, but I have continued to lose. I am so happy I chose to start my lifestyle change with Hannah’s coaching. She has been such an amazing, supportive coach that I would highly recommend to anyone looking to lose weight the right way.” – AH

Lost weight drinking beer AND eating pasta… literally…

In her initial consult, this client told Coach Hannah “I hate inhabiting a body I don’t feel comfortable with on a daily basis. I really like carbs. Bread fills me up. And I enjoy beer and wine.”⁠ So using the HLB4me method, THIS client lost almost 15 pounds, MET her goal of finally feeling comfortable in her own skin, and transitioned from a long history of “I’m going to indulge and eat it all, or I’m not going to have it…”⁠ to “If I can lose weight drinking beer and eating pasta, that’s exactly what I want, and that’s exactly what I got… it’s a sustainable way of living and you’ll see the fat come off of you, and I did”.” – MJ

“Having the freedom to eat what I want and having no foods off-limits has curbed my tendency to binge so much I [can’t] even tell you. I don’t really feel the charged energy I used to have around ‘big weekends’ or celebrations. I used to get all this anxiety around the eating and drinking and end up binge eating saying F it. But I truly can say that now most of the charged crazed energy around food is fading each week more and more. I’m enjoying what I want and tweaking lots of things to get more protein and less empty high-calorie food because I want to.” – WB

Down 12 lbs in 15 weeks… oh and she’s a law student AND a mom…

“I feel so good! I love how I look and how I feel. It’s a work in progress making this a lifestyle but it’s going well overall! I am LOWER than my goal weight (I haven’t weighed 116 since college!) and feel pretty good. I need to continue pushing it in the gym but I feel like I have such a great foundation.” – LS on our final check-in

“Thanks again for your guidance with getting me healthy. It truly is the best thing I have done for myself in a long time.” – KM

THIS Mama of TWINS lost 30 lbs in 40 weeks!

“Hannah absolutely changed my life. Let me just open up with that.
I came to her as the low self-esteem, Queen of Defeat who busted my ass with cardio workouts DAILY, ate like a bird, had a mental battle with food and body image, hated the
way my clothes fit, obsessed over the scale (I could keep going) and saw NO progress after doing this since my twins were born 3 years ago. I yearned for the days my size 6 or even size 4 jeans fit again. I yearned for my confidence back. I lost myself somewhere between having my babies and finding Hannah…. I am eating like CRAZY, love SO many new foods and am loving that she ingrained in me the desire to work out (with exercises SO much more realistic than pre-Hannah). My life has completely shifted for the better during my time, and after my time, with Hannah! I am so optimistic about my current body, my future health goals, and my positive mental state. I will never be able to thank Hannah enough for making me realize I am more than just a wrecked body that is doomed to eat kale salads for the rest of my life” 😊 – RB

“I’m currently eating 2500 calories and MAINTAINING my weight! I never thought I’d ever be eating this much. My body and my metabolism are literally thanking me for giving it a break from all the restricting [foods] and excessive cardio in the gym. I feel better than ever! I used to kill myself doing hours of cardio at the gym and eating WAY less than what my body needed. Then I’d literally be starting from overdoing it and undereating, so I’d binge like crazy and it would become a continuous cycle… Now I’m doing way less cardio, eating more, and I feel so free! My fear of food is gone and I now know that I can eat the foods I want and still reach my goals!

Thank you to my amazing coach Hannah (@havingandeatingcake), for helping me get out of that cycle and take the time to get to know me and educate me properly. And most importantly help me mentally and physically!”- BV

Lost 30+ lbs and GAINED self-confidence, FINALLY!

This client has lost over 30 pounds and can finally say “I’m comfortable in my skin again.” She also accomplished a goal after 15 years of marriage, “This is the year that I fit back into my wedding dress!! Thank you! Goal MET!”
Not long after starting her fat loss journey we had to reset all of her goals because we blew past her initial ones. Her updated goals were things she didn’t dare dream of before starting up with the HLB4me method because they seemed too “far fetched,” but now she is getting comments on how amazing she looks. She was elated to share this:
“Yesterday at [daughter’s] friends birthday picnic, her mom loudly exclaimed “You look great!!” when we got there, and then couldn’t stop remarking on my arms while we were chatting (even asking me to “do that again!” when I raised my arms up to gesture). – DB

“Feeling so good. I can’t believe how much better I feel. How much easier little things have gotten. Super excited. I also looked back at some of my measurements from the beginning and am shocked by the numbers 5″ here 4″ there. It’s crazy. I don’t even know how I was that big. I pushed it down so far not wanting to think about it for so long.”

“I also really enjoy not being on a meal plan and getting to choose the foods I eat. I was thinking about it recently and how I haven’t changed what I eat, but I’ve changed the way I eat, and I feel so much better than I did before….I’m noticing my Jean’s are getting looser almost every time I put them on. Same with some tops. It feels amazing to say that, rather than vice versa.” – JP

Real women… real stories… real life…. And these are just a fraction of the women Coach Hannah has helped transform….

And let’s not forget about yours truly, your trusty Coach Hannah!! I went from being too embarrassed to even show my face in a picture in a swimsuit to feeling more comfortable in my skin than I could have imagined.  I know how you feel, I felt the same way.  You deserve to feel at home in your body and I can help you!

Now it’s your turn….

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Yours in fitness & health,
Coach Hannah
Dr. Hannah Brandt, PT, DPT, CPT, IFNCP