One of the MOST frustrating things about a workout class is that you can be working your ass off but still not see any results. 

You show up daily, you add the weights, you sweat like a beast, and NOTHING. No weight loss, and a whole lot of effort. You’re wondering, “what gives”?! And while you might feel alone in this struggle, this is actually something I hear over and over and over again. So let’s dive into why your workout classes aren’t working, what you can do to finally see some weight loss, and when workout classes ARE a good option for you.

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Workout Classes Aren’t Designed for YOU

Don’t get me wrong… workout classes are freaking fun! They’re upbeat, challenging, and a great way to meet other people. But the problem with using workout classes to lose weight is that it’s not tailored to YOU. I mean think about it… if you want to look a certain way and have a certain physique, walking into a workout class that ANYONE can walk into won’t get you the individualized results you’re looking for.

Workout classes are one-size-fits-all, and that won’t work for your specific goals.

Sure, you can sometimes increase the difficulty level in a workout class to make things a little harder, but it ultimately won’t change your results. Why? Because you’re taking a workout class that anyone under the sun can take and expecting very unique, individualized results. And that’s just not gonna happen!

So it’s time to reevaluate your expectations when it comes to your workout class… because not only are these expectations unrealistic, they’re also completely unfair to you. You can’t expect that you, as a 30-something full-time working professional, can SOMEHOW walk into a workout class 3 times a week and look like your 20-something instructor. That same instructor who teaches that class 3 times a DAY (aaaand teaches some other booty bump class on the side!). It won’t happen, and it’s an unfair expectation of yourself and the class that will only leave you feeling defeated and frustrated. 

Workout Classes Don’t Allow You to Train with Intention 

I get it, you’re working SO hard and it’s frustrating to not see the results you’re working SO hard for. You feel like you’ve been so compliant and done all the “right” things. You’ve been structured and rigid in your workout routines and your eating habits. You’ve done these classes religiously, and still it feels like you’re nowhere near the body you want. You’re feeling like there’s GOT to be something that nobody’s telling you!

And there is… but you know I’m not going to leave you hanging! The thing that people aren’t telling you is this:

To get the specific body you want, you have to train with intention. You have to get EVERYTHING you possibly can out of the training avenue you’re using to get the results. And these two avenues are cardio and weight training.

Sounds simple enough right? But the problem is, workout classes tend to combine these two in a way that yes, is fun as hell, but that doesn’t allow you to maximize your training. In order to achieve the results you want, you have to use cardio and weight training strategically and with strategic effort. But in a workout class, you can’t do either at full capacity. You’re either too tired from the cardio to lift to your full capacity, or your muscles are too fatigued from weight training that you don’t have your full energy for cardio.

You’re confusing your body when you workout in this way, and the truth is you can’t confuse your body into losing weight. And ultimately you’re not getting the most bang for your buck when you combine these two! You’re short changing yourself in these classes, and you’ll always be left with results that feel unfulfilling. 

So what can you do? Intentionally separate these two avenues so you can maximize your workouts. 

When a Workout Class IS the Right Option for You

If your ultimate goal is to move your body, feel good, and have fun with it… then HELL YEAH! Go to a class and enjoy the hell out of it! If you just want to have healthy habits and you’re happy with where you’re at… Do the classes! 

Workout classes are not BAD. Actually, they can be really wonderful and fun. But if your ultimate intention is to change your physique and see weight loss, then your workout class will not fill that need for you. It CAN’T.

Some Final Thoughts

Sometimes when we want to reach an ultimate goal, we just need to change our approach. If you’re struggling to see weight loss but all you’ve been doing so far is workout classes, it’s time to ditch that approach and seek one that is tailored to your specific needs.

And as a reminder, it’s okay to want to change something about your body. Sometimes we feel like we don’t have enough “body positivity” if we want to make changes, but you are fully justified to feel how you feel about your body. This can actually be a really EMPOWERING experience.

If you want to lose a little weight and sculpt your physique, go after it! But go after it with a little more intention. Skip the workout classes for now, or just commit to doing it one day a week for fun, and focus the rest of your workouts on intentionally maximizing your efforts to get the results you want! 

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