If you feel like you KNOW how to exercise and eat healthy… but can’t lose weight… You’re missing the magic “Formula” for RESULTS!

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We’ve all been there – you’re already cooking healthy meals in the kitchen, staying consistent at the gym, yet somehow still not shedding a single pound. It’s infuriating! There must be some variable that we’re missing, some piece to the puzzle that will snap things into place, some formula that will offer us a solution. 

Good news: there is. And I’m about to tell you. 

Take It From Me…

Take it from someone who has been there… knowing all the variables that make up a weight loss plan is different than knowing how to use them in the right way to make all the stars align, and dare I say it… Lose weight!

The secret to losing weight, honestly, is probably hiring a coach or a trainer. And I promise, hiring someone is a huge win, not a failure. Here’s why. 

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1. A coach can build the right plan. 

Hiring a professional in the fitness industry does not mean you don’t know how to do the right things. Many of you are already doing “all the right things”… you  already exercise, eat healthy, stay consistent with cardio, get enough sleep, and drink your water. These are the ingredients to a healthy life. But more often than not, ingredients do not mix themselves, and dose matters

If you stick a handful of dry flour and sugar, a stick of butter, a raw egg, and some chocolate chips in your mouth, I can promise you that stuff is not going to taste like a cookie. No matter how long you stare at a pile of boards, nails, and bricks, you won’t get a house out of it.  Just because you have a box of hair dye and a pair of scissors doesn’t mean you can give yourself a salon quality, Pinterest-worthy hair style.  You have the ingredients to a healthy life. What you need now is a recipe of how to use those ingredients to yield you the intended result.  

Recipe For Success

For a lot of us, our fitness journey has looked a lot like dumping everything we have into a bowl and hoping for good results. Psssst – there’s a better way. To get the end result you’ve been dreaming of, which is a healthy body that’s strong with lean muscle and free from excess fat, think of health like a scientific formula. I’m the scientist who can follow that formula. I’ll help you add food groups, cardio, and strength in the right ratios, the right time frame, and the right order so that you actually see results

Don’t be scared. As a coach, it is not my job to tell you everything you’ve been doing wrong. It’s my job to congratulate you about all the things you’ve been doing right – and tweak your routine juuuuust a bit so that all those good habits can find their maximum effectiveness. 

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2. A coach can save you time and money. 

Have you ever started a DIY project at your house and soon realized you were in waaaay over your head? As it turns out, sometimes it’s faster and cheaper to hire that plumber or electrician in the long run. A healthy lifestyle really functions the same way. If scrolling through websites for good recipes, pinning workouts to your Pinterest board, and plugging numbers into macro equations feels like a part-time job, it’s time to call in reinforcements. Choosing a guide in your health journey won’t just save you time – it’ll save you a ton of confusion. Especially if you feel like you can’t lose weight! The internet is magical, but there are a few reasons it’s also terrible. 

Free information on the internet is contradictory. 

There are countless meal plans, macro breakdowns, workout guides to follow – and they all give different advice. If you try to do this thing alone, you’ll probably spend more hours comparing and fact checking than you will getting healthy. 

Free information on the internet is generalized. 

Those calorie calculators and portion generators miss out on a very important factor – YOU! We don’t all need to be eating the same foods, or the same proportions of those foods. Our workout regimens should be tailor-made. How do I know? Because if those systems and calculators worked for everyone, we would have all lost weight by now! 

Free information on the internet is incomplete. 

The safest, healthiest way to lose weight is the way that takes your history into account. What are your health conditions? What’s your dieting history? Do you have any past injuries? General internet guides don’t factor any of that in, and it could lead you to an ineffective – or worse, dangerous – place. 

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The Magic Formula

Unfortunately, there’s just not one specific formula for losing weight.  Of course, there are some great general principles to apply. But working with a coach takes those universal truths and tailors them into a unique program that actually works for you. When you’re searching for a coach, look for someone who’s worked with a lot of different types of people! Then, you can rest assured that they know how to adjust those universal, base formulas to your individual needs. 

How Can I Help YOU?

As a coach, I’m genuinely here to help you reach your full potential. You’re already working hard! Hiring a professional coach is the key that will unlock the next level of your health and fitness journey. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a client happy, healthy, and comfortable in their own skin. I’m not just a macro calculator – I’m an educator who wants to teach you about your body and how to fuel it. You already have the pieces and I respect the hell outta that. I’m here to help you put them together, and save you a ton of time, money, and headaches in the process.

Coming from a doctor of physical therapy who couldn’t figure out how to put her own puzzle together without help… I know you bring a lot to the table, you just need some help refining your approach and that is exactly what we do here on Team HLB.  

Click here if you want to hear more about our 3-step coaching methodology at HLB lifestyle. 

If you’re heard enough and are interested in coaching, apply here!

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