If your diet looks perfect on paper, and you’re still not getting results… this blog is for you! I get it, you have a laundry list of things you’re doing to lose weight and it all SHOULD be working… but it’s not. Not even a little bit. And the worst part is you don’t know why it’s not working and it’s FRUSTRATING. According to the fitspo chicks on Instagram… you’re doing ALL the right things. You’re restricting your calories, swapping your breakfast for rice cakes, getting in the extra cardio sesh, getting your pre-workout game on… the list goes on and on and on. And yet NOTHING seems to be working.

It’s infuriating, but you’re not alone. I get SO many application forms coming in from other women doing the same list of things you’re doing and still struggling to lose weight. It’s honestly heartbreaking because I know how much you want this. I can FEEL it in the questionnaires coming in, and I’ve been there. So in this blog we’re going to address some of the common things I’m seeing women do that might not be working, and how you can change things up to start moving towards your weight loss goals!

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One of the questions I love to ask new clients to get a baseline for where they’re at in their weight loss journey is “what are the foods you can’t live without?”

If you’ve watched any of my content for more than five seconds, you’ll know I don’t like to remove entire food groups from your diet. You should be able to enjoy foods you love AND still lose weight. Sometimes this might mean incorporating some moderation, but not entirely removing foods altogether. Most of the time I get the typical answers to this question… you know, wine, craft beer, pizza, chocolate, cheese… those are the biggies. Sometimes I see more random ones like sweet potato tots – those ladies are speaking my language! But one common difference I see in forms filled out by people who have been trying SO hard to lose weight and are doing ALL THE THINGS, is they’ll answer this question with things like protein powder, high fiber tortillas, and rice cakes.

Now I’m not knocking on any of those (well, except rice cakes – those taste like circular cardboard in my professional opinion). But if your go-to foods you can’t even imagine LIVING without are protein powder and rice cakes, this is a red flag to me that you’re not eating ENOUGH to lose weight. And I know this might sound counterintuitive, but there is such a thing as not eating enough calories to lose weight! While I won’t dive too much into this in this blog since we’re covering multiple common trends, you can read more on this specific one in my blog, “Why Eating MORE Might Be the ONE Thing Between You and Your Dream Body.”

Listen sister, I GET IT. I honestly do. I KNOW how badly you want to lose weight and how hard you’re busting your butt to do it because I’ve wanted it that bad too. But I often see people working out TOO much, and maybe you’re in this boat too. You’re working out twice a day, multiple times a week. Cramming in extra cardio sessions after work, and you’re doing an at-home YouTube workout program because it had the word “shred” in it.

You’re working SO hard, but the thing is… this isn’t necessarily a healthy habit to have. Unless you’re training for an iron man, I’m not sure what planet we need to be on where someone would need two workouts a day to meet their weight loss needs. Working out is great, but if you’re doing too much it’s likely adding unnecessary stress to your body (which is NOT good for losing weight).

Another common trend I see are women leaning too heavily on supplements versus actually SOLVING some of the issues that are impacting their weight loss journey. Whether it’s pre workouts, melatonin, caffeine, or those birthday cake protein bars (that are actually full of fillers)… the list goes on. And while I’m not saying all supplements are bad, I am saying we have a tendency to throw bandaids on our issues instead of actually trying to fix them. 

So with these common things preventing women from losing weight, what’s a girl gotta do to get things back on track?! It’s probably annoyingly simple – but you’ve got to slow down for a bit and get back to the basics. Take a step back and look at your current habits, and see which ones aren’t actually healthy and benefiting you.

Are you working out constantly and stressed when you miss ONE workout? It’s probably time to reign that in a bit. Swap out some of those cardio sessions for REST DAYS. Are you consistently getting crappy sleep? Start prioritizing a wind down time at night to help your body get back into a better sleep rhythm. Drink WATER. Eat more than 1200 calories a day. If your stress and anxiety are through the roof, consider seeing someone who can help with that versus throwing supplements at it and hoping for the best.

Whatever your specific habits are, take some time to look at what you’re currently doing that’s NOT working and think about implementing some changes to get your life back in balance. Because in order to truly lose weight and sustain it, you have to have balance. Instead of constantly sucking it up and trying to push yourself even harder, try taking a step back and decompressing for a bit. And try to give yourself some grace… you haven’t done anything wrong. It’s really challenging to sift through all the noise in the weight loss industry to find what works for you. 

If what you’re doing should technically work on paper but it’s not, and you’re tired of trying to DIY your weight loss journey, fill out this form and let’s chat about working together! You CAN get there, it might just take a different route than the one you’re currently on.

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