When it comes to choosing the “right” diet, how on EARTH are you supposed to know what is right for you? You spend 10 minutes on Instagram and you’re more confused than when you started! Should you count macros? Just count calories? What about Weight Watchers? What ever happened to that Slim Fast thing people used to talk about? And what the hell is this new intuitive eating? Should you cut out sugar? It’s DEFINITELY the sugar…

It’s all a bit overwhelming, which is why I’m so excited to talk with you in this blog about how to pick the diet that is best for YOU! 

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So where do you start when it comes to finding the right diet for you? Pick something and try it! 

Picking the right diet for you is NOT about picking the most optimal diet on paper. It’s about picking the best thing that you can stick to. Think about it… Isn’t finding something that’s a little less than perfect but that you can tooootally hang with better than finding the “most perfect diet ever” that you can only stick to for 3 days? The latter helps NO ONE.

It’s not about picking THE diet. It’s about picking the pieces of diets that work for you. Kind of like Build-A-Bear… Pick the things you like and make your own damn bear. Who cares what the template was?! You want it to look like YOU made it. And remember that it’s also okay to change things as you go.

A Personal Example

If you’ve been following me for more than three days, you’ll know that I use macro tracking (it has been the game changer for me!). So on days when I know my schedule is consistent and structured, I macro track. BUT – on days when I’m out and about, I am not glued to it. I didn’t sign my name in blood on any line that makes me team macro-tracking-everyday-until-I-die. Sometimes macro tracking is just NOT going to happen because life happens. So on those days, I like to keep a loose eye on calories and call it good enough.

Monitoring your nutrition doesn’t always have a place in a special day or moment. And that’s okay! You can still be team gluten-free, team I-HATE-SUGAR, team intermittent fasting, or team WHATEVER. You can be on whatever team you want to be, on whatever day you want to be on it. Dieting doesn’t have to be an all or nothing approach every single day.

You don’t want to open your macro tracking app on Christmas? Don’t!

You want to go out for drinks on your birthday? Do it!

Your family wants to go out for an impromptu pizza and you want to intuitively eat? Sounds good!

The diet that’s right for you is the one that you can stick to, and the one that makes room for LIFE. When you set the expectation that the diet you choose is the diet you have to stick to forever and ever amen – there’s no room for real life.  And then it’s just a suckfest and what’s even the point?!

Weight Loss goals DO NOT not equal Self-Hate

One more point that I want to make sure to drive home when it comes to dieting is that just because you have goals and want to lose weight does NOT mean you hate yourself. There are so many diet “teams” on social media and it can be SO FRUSTRATING. You wonder, how the hell do I know which team to pick? Because if you pick one team to bat for, the others make you feel like shit for not picking THEIR diet. And if you pick any team at all, suddenly team body positivity tells you that you must not love yourself.

I’ve had SO many people come to me saying they feel conflicted because they’re not comfortable in their own skin and they want to lose weight, but all these body positivity accounts are making them think they must hate themselves or have low self-esteem for wanting to make changes.

There are SO many extremists when it comes to health, fitness, diet, lifestyle… ALL the things. And to be honest, people just need to calm the hell down. There is no one best team. There is no one best diet. It’s not one-size-fits-all! What is good for one person may not be good for another. So if you’ve been feeling overwhelmed and guilt-tripped by it all, know this: just because you want to lose weight or have goals does NOT mean you hate yourself.

You can KNOW you’re totally rocking right now, but also have areas you want to improve.

You can WANT to lose weight and not have it come from a place of desperation, self-hate, or negativity.

I promise, you can BE team body positivity and still have goals.

All of this can be EMPOWERING.

A Coach Can Help You…

Part of why having a coach is so helpful is because we can be so emotionally charged when it comes to diet and weight loss. I see this all the time with my clients (and I used to be this way too!) They’re all incredibly sharp ladies, but as soon as the conversation turns into one about weight or physique, they turn into toddlers. The frantic thoughts of “what do I do”, “I want it NOW”, and “I want what she has” just POUR OUT. We become so focused on the outcome and overwhelmed by all the noise on social media that we lose objectivity to pick anything from logic.

Having a coach can help you work through these toddler tantrum moments with CONFIDENCE and objectivity. It gives you someone to help piece together the right diet for you and teach you the concepts that will work for your unique lifestyle. It’s having someone that will tell you to chill TF out when you’re losing your mind, but that will also tell you to step it up when you need the push. 

So when it comes to picking the diet for you, it’s time to stop trying to do what you see everyone else doing (especially if the people you’re comparing yourself to have a career out of competing on stage in a bikini looking tan and sparkly). Let’s be honest, they probably don’t have four kids running around screaming for more tater tots while you’re on the phone with your boss. Let’s get rid of all the labels and our focus on finding THE thing… and just start listening to your body. Leave room for your life and pick and choose what you like to find the best diet for YOU.

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