One of the most frustrating things about a weight loss journey has got to be how EASY it is to compare your progress with other people… especially people you don’t even know who seem to be losing weight SO much faster than you. This is something I see women doing all the time (and trust me, I’ve been there too!) It’s hard not to get discouraged when you’re seeing INSANE transformations on Instagram and wondering why the hell your weight loss journey isn’t looking like theirs.

You feel like you’re doing ALL the things they say they’re doing… the macro tracking, the weight lifting, the cardio… and yet, their weight loss is faster and more consistent than yours. I know, it’s INFURIATING. Which is why in this blog we’re talking about a potential reason why you’re not losing weight as fast as these girls on Instagram, AND how you can stay in your lane to lose weight and be PROUD of your own progress.

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First things first, we’re NOT talking about accounts on Instagram that are just being dishonest about their progress. This kind of thing does happen… people posting before and after photos and smudging the timeline, or lying about the numbers, or whatever. This isn’t the primary focus of this blog. But, I wanted to first mention it because there is a very real possibility the people you’re comparing yourself to on Instagram aren’t even telling the truth about their own weight loss journey. With that major caveat, we’re diving into this blog assuming these accounts are telling the truth. So why the hell are they losing weight so much faster than you?! 

If you know me, you know I LOVE a good analogy. So let’s think about weight loss like getting a degree. Imagine that you decided you wanted to completely switch gears with your life and career and go back to school to get a degree. You could do it in one of two ways:

  1. You could completely quit your job, go full time, and BOOM – you’ve got that degree within two years.

OR, you could do it the way most people have to do it:

  1. Part time, working your day job and going to school in the evening because you’ve still got bills to pay and mouths to feed. So the degree will take about four years.

At the end of the day, both options meet the end goal. But, the route to get there is going to look very different. And it wouldn’t be fair to be going the part time route and getting huffy and frustrated when you see other people who are going full time getting their degree faster than you. It doesn’t mean one option is better than the other, they’re just not comparable.

When it comes to weight loss, the pace at which you’re going to see results is influenced by a lot of factors. Maybe your weight loss journey looks a lot more like the second option in our degree analogy. Macro tracking most of the time, but other times you let life happen. You ENJOY your busy weekends with the family, or your best friend’s bachelorette party. You allow yourself to take BREAKS from macro tracking to have a life. Or maybe your workout routine isn’t fully consistent. Some weeks you get all your workouts in, other weeks you’re so busy with soccer games and a lady’s night out that you miss a few.

All of this is OKAY – that’s why it’s called flexible dieting. You have to leave room for your life if you want to lose and KEEP the weight off. But if this is your style of weight loss, it’s not fair to compare yourself to someone going ALL in. That very well could be the key difference for some of the crazy transformation posts you’re seeing on Instagram.

The truth is, you don’t REALLY know how much effort others are putting in. So if you’re putting in effort 75% of the time and seeing results, GREAT. But don’t compare yourself to someone going 100% ALL the time. Just because that’s the right choice for them, doesn’t mean it’s the right choice for you, and that’s OKAY! It doesn’t mean you’re doing anything wrong. It just means you need to have realistic expectations that match the amount of effort you’re able to put forth in your weight loss journey.

Hannah Transformation

As an example of this, I’ll share my own progress as an example. You may have seen some of my transformation photos (which are pretty damn impressive if I do say so myself), but what you might not know is that I worked REALLY hard to get there. There were extended periods of time that I was ALL EFFING in. I’m talking, not even being off by 5 calories a day for MONTHS. So it wouldn’t have been fair for someone who wasn’t able to give 100% to be comparing their progress to mine.

So if you’re tempted to start comparing yourself to others, or you feel like you’re not losing weight, remember to use the amount of effort you’re putting in as a guiding beacon. Instead of comparing yourself to someone you don’t know, find someone that can be an accountability partner who is giving the same amount of effort. And if you’re consistently disappointed with your progress, ask yourself if there’s more you can give. If you can give a little more, do it and expect your results to mirror that extra effort.

If you feel like you’re giving it all you’ve got and something STILL isn’t working, maybe it’s time to lean on a coach to get support. Sometimes all you need is an outside perspective to see your blind spots. This can help you figure out what might be missing or why you’re not losing weight. If you’re ready to talk about if it would be a good fit to work together, fill out this form and let’s set up a consultation!

Remember that you’re running your own race.  It’s GOOD to do what you need to do to SUSTAIN your weight loss. And it’s okay that your results don’t look like random girls on Instagram. If your weight loss journey looks like not giving it 100% all the time so you can still enjoy your life, that’s perfect

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