It’s that time of year again! You know, when the “New Year, New You” motto is everywhere you look. And if you’re like most people, this is the time of year when you feel a little extra motivation to start your weight loss journey. Whether it’s the first time or the umpteenth time… you’re more likely feeling motivated to do SOMETHING about it. But before you begin, you need to ask THE single most important question in order to accomplish your goals… and of course that’s what this blog is ALL about! 

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The very first question people ask me when it comes to starting a weightloss journey is “how”? And spoiler alert, this is the WRONG question to start with. Yet most of us want to dive head first into the details of how we can accomplish our goals in the shortest amount of time possible. Maybe this is you too… You want to know what to buy, how much cardio to do, what to eat (and heaven forbid, what NOT to eat), and every other nitty gritty question that comes to mind for your weightloss journey. While at first glance this seems like the best question to start with… it’s really not the one you need to be asking. Instead, you need to ask yourself:

No matter what your specific weight loss goals are, in order to accomplish them you need to first figure out what got you here in the first place. Maybe it’s a sedentary lifestyle, an increase in alcohol intake, or a pattern of super restrictive dieting on the weekdays and losing your shit on the weekends… Whatever it is for you, the most important thing is to first figure out what current habits got you to where you are now.

The reason being, if you don’t address these underlying habits, you’re going to find yourself working SO hard only to be frustrated with the results you’re seeing (or not seeing). If there are habits you can pinpoint as the root issue to what got you where you currently are, then you can work on fixing those first. Then once you start implementing the other stuff you learn, the results will be effing INSANE. And that’s exactly what you want! You don’t want to work your ass off to feel like you’re in the same boat a year from now. You want to accelerate your progress, and that ultimately starts with dealing with the shit that got you here in the first place. And once you deal with those things, THEN you can implement the extra stuff to get you to your desired results. 

To think of it another way, in every other avenue of our lives we base our roadmap of getting to our goal from where we are NOW.  If you were to put a destination into Google maps it would literally calibrate from your current location. If it didn’t, it couldn’t give you appropriate directions to get you where you need to go! When you go to a new doctor, one of the first things they want to know is your past and current medical history, to have insight for the best ways to treat you. We even do this same process with something as mundane as grocery shopping. Once we know what we want to make, we first look at the ingredients we have and don’t have so we can make sure our list has what we need.

We use this kind of problem solving CONSTANTLY in our everyday lives, but when it comes to health and fitness we tend to jump the gun and go straight to the “HOW”, before we even address the initial problem that got us here. But the truth is, you can’t fix a problem you don’t even know you have. You can’t optimize something that you don’t realize needs optimizing. So what you need to do first is take note of where you are now, deal with that shit, and then implement the next steps to accelerate to your goal.

I get the need to do something drastic especially at the New Year. Finding the slow and little habits to integrate into your daily life is not flashy, fun, or exciting. Everyone wants to do THE thing to stay motivated, and I really do understand this because I’ve been there myself. Sometimes you do need something to kickstart your weight loss journey, and that’s fine… but for long term success you’re going to need to deal with the root issues and find ways that work for YOU to incorporate things you love in your weightloss journey. So let’s take a step back, look at where you are now, and figure out the little things you can start to fix before you dive into anything drastic.

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