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Skinny Fat – The Basics

No client has ever come to me and said they DON’T want to look hot… clients come to me wanting two things, to look good, and feel good… Let’s be honest, you want your body to be BANGING! You want the type of physique that will make anyone go “DAAAAMN GIRL!” when they see you walking by.

Most people think all it takes to achieve this is dieting with low calories and lots of cardio. But, I want to talk with you about why it’s important to track macros and not JUST calories. While yes, calorie deficits (learn more about them in my post here) are essential for fat loss, focusing on that alone won’t give you any control over the physique you’re trying to get. It often leads to the dreaded “skinny fat” look – you know, when someone looks like they’ve lost TOO much weight, their body doesn’t have any lean, toned muscle, and you kind of wonder if they’re okay…

Yeah, let’s avoid that! (You can thank me later)!  So yes, a calorie deficit IS essential for fat loss. But, the benefit of using macros is it allows you to hit that calorie deficit in a strategic way so you have more control over the physique you’re wanting.

I like to explain counting calories like Weight Watchers “on steroids”. It’s like their point system – you get x amount of points and you just need to meet your points by the end of the day, and ultimately it doesn’t matter what foods you choose to meet those points. Macro tracking takes that concept and brings it to another level. It teaches you how to use macros to strategically fuel your body, preserve your lean muscle tissue (yes, that toned look we all want), while losing weight and getting the body you want. 

Okay, but how do I know how MUCH I should be eating of each macronutrient?

What really sucks (and it’s something nobody likes to hear) is there isn’t one magic macro number or ratio that will make you lose weight and BOOM – everyone’s happy. That would be greeeat, but it doesn’t exist. While I’m grossly generalizing, and there is A LOT of individuality when it comes to macros, in general it’s more about the ratios which are designed for your specific body and goals. And the best part? You can still eat the foods you like! 

“Okay, but am I still allowed to have the real ice cream? Or is it better to just not eat it?” 


The whole point of macros is being able to lose weight, have the body you want, and still have the freedom and flexibility to eat the foods you enjoy (yes, even the ice cream!) It’s NOT about demonizing food, or restricting yourself from the foods you love. It’s about finding the balance between eating in a way that fits your macros, while still enjoying the foods you love! Oh, and seeing the results you want (and avoiding the skinny fat)! 

Macro tracking will teach you how to eat these foods with CONFIDENCE, rather than feeling like you’re derailing your progress or doing anything wrong because you (God forbid!!) ate some cake. Seriously… eat the damn cake! (and save me a slice while you’re at it).

I know you’re ready to avoid the skinny fat, have the body you want, and still eat the foods you love… And macro tracking is a great tool to get you there. Thinking this sounds like EXACTLY what you’ve been looking for?  Good, me too.  Now’s your chance to finally get the body you’ve been working SO hard for with nothing to show for it!

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