Do you seem to find yourself always looking at what other girls are doing? You’re obsessed with the diets they’re using, even though you just started a new one?! You start to wonder… “What if her’s is better?  Should I do that instead? She has the physique I want, should I do what she’s doing?” So instead of sticking to the diet you’ve just started, you hop from new diet to new diet and wonder why you aren’t seeing any results. So let’s talk about why this is really happening and what you can do to stop the endless cycle of diet hopping!

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If you’re still with me, you’re likely having a hard time keeping your eyes on your own paper if you will. You can’t seem to stop looking at what everyone else is doing, hopping from one diet to the next, and you aren’t committing to anything long enough to see any results. So today we’re talking about all of this using an analogy (you know I love a good analogy!), relating your weight loss journey to Google maps.

Google Maps = Your Weight Loss Journey

When it comes to getting from point A to B, Google Maps is likely your go-to app. It’s proven time and time again that it will get you where you need to go, so much so that you don’t even question it anymore! You trust Google Maps so much that even if you were given an alternate route by a real life PERSON, you’d probably say “no thanks, I’ll just put it in Google Maps!” (Come on, I know I’m not the only person who does this!) We trust Google Maps so much that we turn down other routes, regardless of how reliable they are. That is some serious trust.

But when it comes to our weight loss journeys, the opposite happens. We don’t turn down alternate routes because we trust what we’re doing… Instead, we have no confidence in the route we’re on and we leave it as soon as an alternate one comes along! And before we know it, we’ve gotten NOWHERE real fast.

And maybe this is where you’re at too. You reeeeally want to lose weight, but if you’re honest with yourself you don’t fully know if what you’re doing is the right thing. So the second you get an alternative program to what you’re currently doing:  Sayonara! You take it without a second thought and find yourself diet hopping again and again and again.

Diet hopping stems from one single thing:

You have zero confidence that what you’re doing is going to get you to the end result.

OF COURSE you’re not sticking with your current weight loss program because you’re not even sure it’s going to work! Why put in the effort if you’re not confident it’s going to help you accomplish your goals?! I sure as hell wouldn’t! And this doubt and lack of confidence just keeps fueling the diet hopping cycle.

 So what do you do about it?

You need to put in the work upfront to figure out who you think will be the best option to get you the end result you want. (Notice I said WHO, not WHAT.) If you’re serious about your weight loss, you need a WHO. You need a coach. A real person to help you, not some online robot you can’t even ask your questions to! And what this all boils down to is this… What matters to you when you think about getting support in your weightloss journey? What would make YOU more confident?

While I can’t answer that question for you, here are a few common things I hear people looking for.

  1. Someone who’s been through it before! A person who’s walked in your shoes and understands where you’re coming from.
  1. A coach with proven results and clients who attest to them. 
  1. Referrals from people you know and trust!
  1. Someone who will explain the process clearly. They’ll teach you the ins and outs of why things are happening as they are so you feel involved in the entire weight loss process.

Figure out what it is that makes YOU feel confident in your weight loss journey. This takes time and effort ahead of time, but it’s really important. It will help you find someone that you feel has the right plan to help you achieve your goals. Because without this kind of confidence, you will continue to look at every other skinny fit chick and wonder what the hell she’s doing and why you aren’t doing it… which inevitably means you won’t stick to your current plan. You’ve got to have confidence in your program and diet. The ONLY way to find it is to do your homework and figure out what that looks like for YOU, and then pursue that.

Most often I see women pursuing the cheapest, fastest, trending, sparkly, tan, fitspo, WHATEVER thing – but those don’t always equate to long term sustainable results. So be honest, what are you really looking for and what do you think is actually going to get you there? It’s time you found the kind of undying confidence in your weight loss program as you have in Google Maps. 

If any of the 4 examples above caught your attention, funny enough – I check all of those boxes 😉 So if you’re ready to talk about working with me 1:1, apply here!

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