Alright we’ve all been there… Your macro tracking is going strong, you’re crushing your goals, aaaand if you’re honest, maybe getting a little obsessive about it. You make plans with your friends to go out and you have everything planned perfectly. You’ve checked the menu, added in your glass of wine, and you’re ready to execute your plan like a badass… but THEN – plans change when the restaurant is full or on a seasonal menu, your plan begins to unravel, and you start to lose your shit. You’re instantly overwhelmed by not being able to track perfectly, you’re distracted during the dinner, and eventually you just give in to fuck it mode. You eat everything in sight, drink your face off, and wake up the next morning feeling regret and remorse over the whole damn thing.

YIKES. Believe me, I’ve been there and I know how much of a suckfest it is. So that’s why this blog is diving into all things having a social life, rolling with the punches, and how to not lose your shit when things don’t go as planned.

Ready to dive in? Then keep on reading!

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Let’s be honest, macro tracking is easy peezy if you stay at home, prepare all your own meals, and never do ANYTHING. Of course that would be easy because nothing would ever happen and your life would be boring as f***. But why would you work SO hard to be looking SO hot and feeling SO good and then never show it off?! You should be able to enjoy a social life without losing your mind every time there is a change of plans.

When faced with a change of plans while macro tracking, the first thing you need to do is ask yourself this question:

Can I realistically track macros without losing my shit and ruining my evening?

From there you can go one of two ways. If the answer is yes, then go for it! If you have a decent shot at success and feel good about sticking to your tracking, then do it. This might look like finding something on the menu that can roughly fit how many macros you have left, or it might look like ordering something that’s a little heavier on the protein and calling it close enough. I mean I’ve literally never been to a restaurant where a grilled chicken salad has not been an option.

Even if it’s not on the menu you can order a garden salad, make it really big and add some grilled chicken and BOOM – grilled chicken salad. So if your decision is to stick to your macro tracking, find a way that works for you and own it. Don’t complain about all the things you “can’t” have and make everyone else’s evening suck. Own it, enjoy it, and feel GOOD about your decision.

But on the flip side, if the answer is a big fat NO, then don’t track. It’s okay to make a conscious decision to not track and just be mindful. If you know you don’t have a shot in hell at being successful but you decide to try to track anyway you’re going to quickly get frustrated when things go south and set yourself up to fall into fuck it mode. And once you’re there, it’s game over. You could easily slam an additional 1000 calories by losing your mind. I know because I’ve done it… So if this is your decision just take a deep breath, put your phone away, switch gears to mindfulness, and ENJOY your evening. 

One of the things that contributes to this problem is that people think that macro tracking is the only tool in their weightloss journey toolbox. You start trying to use it in situations that are just NOT conducive to it. Macro tracking doesn’t have a place in every situation and environment, and it’s important to realize when it doesn’t fit. We need to think of our weight-loss journey as being more fluid, setting aside macro tracking from time to time so we can bring out the right tools for the environment. And what are some of these tools you ask? You know I won’t leave you hanging!

  • Practice Mindfulness – this might look like eating what sounds good in the moment (in moderation), or choosing foods that you know are fairly nutritious and that you FEEL GOOD about eating in that moment.
  • Drink Water – If you’re at an event where there’s a lot of drinking but you don’t want to go crazy on the alcohol… make a point to drink more water. It can help curb your hunger and gives you something to hold so you’re not mindlessly snacking.
  • Lean on Hunger Cues – think of your hunger like a scale. Don’t go into a social event feeling ravenous, but don’t let yourself get Thanksgiving-full either. Pay attention to your body’s cues.
  • Prioritize Protein – Look for higher protein sources and make sure you eat some of those to ensure some balance in your meal.
  • Don’t Eat Out of the Serving Dish – Fellow tortilla chip lovers and party-time-grazers, I’m talking to YOU! Make yourself a plate and don’t snack right out of the serving bowls.

The whole point of using macro tracking for your weightloss journey is to be empowered to still have a LIFE. You SHOULD set it aside from time to time so you can be fully in the moment, celebrate something special, or just take a night off here and there and ENJOY yourself. If you need some more tips on navigating this issue, check out my blog How to Balance Having a LIFE When You’re Macro Tracking to Lose Weight

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