Do you ever feel like no matter WHAT you do, you can’t seem to lose weight? You’ve tried every diet and program on the face of the planet, but you can’t seem to lose and KEEP OFF those unwanted pounds. 

If you’re honest with yourself, maybe you even feel like the Queen of wanting-to-lose-weight-but-nothing-ever-works-for-me. It’s almost becoming part of your story: You know, being the girl stuck in a cycle of self-sabotaging by not sticking to any diet long enough to see results, giving up on your workout program because you don’t have the time, skipping your macro tracking because you’re too busy…  The excuses go on and on and on. But the truth is, the most likely reason you’re not losing weight boils down to ONE major thing: Your mindset.

Trust me, I completely understand where you’re at. I spent YEARS being unhappy in my own skin and wanting to lose weight SO badly, but I really struggled with finding something that worked for me. Eventually I did (spoiler alert: it DID involve macro tracking, but most importantly working with a coach hint hint, this is what I do now*!), but the one obstacle I wish I would have overcome sooner was my mindset… because that truly is what changed everything for me.

So in this blog I’m giving you 5 mindset hacks that can completely change your experience, perception, and motivations of your weight loss journey… And the best part is you can start implementing them TODAY (for real, as soon as you’re done reading this blog go get started!). 

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But if you want to keep reading… keep on chugging along!

Before we jump into the 5 mindset hacks, we need to first get crystal clear on the foundation for your entire weight loss journey:

What is your ultimate goal?

Oftentimes when I talk to new clients about goal setting they usually start with some of the common ones. You know… losing 20 pounds by Christmas, fitting into those pre-baby jeans, or feeling HOT in that bikini that’s spent the last three years hiding in your dresser drawer. And while these are all great, legit goals… you’ve got to dig a little deeper. These smaller goals are a great step, but we need something with WAY more ammo to keep you going when things get hard. So try to get clear on the real WHY behind your goal. What’s the emotionally charged reason behind why you want to lose a certain amount of pounds or fit into a specific piece of clothing?

Using my own personal example, I desperately wanted to look in the mirror and feel like the person looking back at me reflected who I was. I wanted to stop being the friend that always took the picture because I didn’t want to see myself in it. Another great one I’ve heard from clients is wanting to enjoy physical intimacy with your significant other without worrying about how you look the whole time!

Once you narrow down the deep motivation behind your goals, THEN you can start implementing these mindset hacks.

This is a BIG one. In order to see long term results in your weight loss journey, you have to remove yourself from the cycle of instant gratification, and yes, I understand this is a HARD habit to break. Society has killed us all with this. I mean we’ve got Amazon Prime, Uber Eats, curbside pickup… you name it. We want what we want and we want it NOW. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not judging because I do it too! But when it comes to a weight loss journey, we have to recognize our tendency for instant gratification, and we have to leave it at the door. 

Practically speaking, this means being aware of your decisions and making choices that benefit you in the long run. While this isn’t about saying “no” all the time, it does mean saying “no” sometimes. For example, let’s say every Friday your boss gets pastries from various local bakeries to share with the team. And let’s say there’s one bakery that you REALLY love. Making a decision for your long term goal might mean skipping the pastries for a few weeks, but enjoying one when it’s from that specific bakery that you love. It’s all about finding the balance of self-control to enjoy things you love while still keeping your long term goal in mind. For more mindset hacks on how to practice self-control in your weight loss journey, check out my free ebook: The 5 Traits of Most Successful Dieters.

When it comes to measuring your success for the day, week, month, whatever… make sure you’re basing these goals on things you actually have control over. For example, instead of trying to hit a precise weight on the scale within a month, focus on the things you can control that will help get you there. Smaller goals like crushing your nutrition for the month and completing all your scheduled workouts are great things you can control that are also conducive to achieving your other weight loss goals.

Most of the time when someone is struggling with weight loss it’s because their perceived identity is keeping them stuck in self-sabotaging behaviors. For a long time my identity was “I’m Hannah and I’m uncomfortable in my own skin and I desperately want to lose weight.” It was a part of my story that I had clung to for so long, to the point that when I would start losing weight I would self-sabotage and gain the weight back. I subconsciously felt like if I wasn’t always trying to lose weight, then I wasn’t “Hannah” anymore. I had to break up with that identity to move forward, and this is one of the major mindset hacks you can do too. 

It’s time to remove the titles that aren’t conducive to who you’re trying to be. Rewrite your narrative and shift the thought patterns that aren’t serving you. For example, instead of “My name is Sally and nothing works for me,” change the narrative to something like “my name is Sally and I haven’t found the thing that works for me yet, but I KNOW it’s out there and I’m on a journey to find it.” You get to write your own story, and it starts with letting go of past identities that aren’t serving you.

Alright this is a major one I talk to my clients about and I will shout it from the rooftops if I have to… Own your choices and don’t complain about them! It’s important to remember that nobody MADE you start your weight loss journey. It’s a choice you made for yourself and for your health (and it’s a damn rewarding one!!), but complaining about it will make the process so much harder. Instead, own your decisions and make the daily CHOICE to not complain about them. When we regularly complain about things we often make it way worse for ourselves than it needs to be when in actuality, choosing NOT to complain will make the whole journey feel less oppressive and more EMPOWERING.

For a specific example of how this might play out… if you decide to start a diet, make that decision and OWN it. That means if you’re out to eat and you have a bomb ass flexible weight loss plan and it works because you’re working with Coach Hannah (shameless plug, what’s up?!) and you decide to enjoy a pizza – then ENJOY the damn pizza. Don’t talk about how bad you’re being or how you really “shouldn’t” be eating it… order the pizza, enjoy the pizza, and be confident in your decision. 

Being on a weight loss journey impacts those around you and being more positive about it is going to make it a better journey for everyone. But vice versa, if you make it a TOTAL SUCKFEST, it’s going to be miserable for you and everyone around you. 

Trust me, I GET that life is busy. Sometimes life is like a fricken cyclone and you’re just trying to get through the day in one piece. I get it. BUT, you can’t expect to make any forward progress if your entire weight loss journey is based on reacting to your environment rather than being proactive.

You have to develop a sense of control and rhythm to your weight loss journey to see some success. So figure out what will work for you to have a solid stake in the ground so that when the cyclone of life is spinning around you, your weight loss progress isn’t just spinning with it. For myself, two things that I KNOW I can control are not skipping workouts and drinking my water. These are two things I proactively do even in busier seasons of life, and they keep my progress going. Remember that YOU are the one in control of your choices and you CAN be proactive in this journey!

Since you’ve made it to the end of the blog I know you’re ready for one more of my mindset hacks, and that’s to keep your eyes on your own paper! Stop comparing what you’re doing and where you are in your journey to someone else. Sometimes the things we see, especially on social media, aren’t always transparent and fully honest. These false expectations can be a huge detriment to your own journey and mindset (so much so that I actually wrote an entire blog on the topic), so it’s important to stay focused on the course towards YOUR goals.

I’d love to hear from you as you start diving into these mindset hacks! Once you’ve dug deeper into finding your WHY behind it all, send me a DM on Instagram and let me know what yours is!

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